Windows 365 Login & Sign up Guide

If you’re new to Windows 365, it is a service by Microsoft which provides all the important tools to gather your work and business at one place. To boost your business Microsoft 365 provides a variety of tools, get updates to Excel, Power Point, Word etc.

Windows 365 Login is a page where user can easily sign in to its Microsoft account using any windows operating system. It is very easy to do so, hence we are here to provide complete guide about how can you login to your windows 365 account and how can you get most out of it.

How to Sign up for Windows 365?

  • Go to, if you don’t currently have a Microsoft Account.
  • Fill up the form with the basic and legit information about your self.
  • Verify your account if needed and that’s it.

What do you get by Signing up for Windows 365?

Office 365 products are not available for free, you need to buy your needful product to use it. There are plenty of plans available on the Microsoft Office official website from where you can purchase your license for your needed product.

The good thing about this is that you need only one account to manage everything, by signing up for Microsoft account you will get access to all Office 365 products as well as One Drive, Sky Drive & Microsoft Essentials etc.

Windows 365 Login Steps

To login to your Windows 365 Account, you must have an active Microsoft account first. Follow the steps given below in order to complete this process,

  • Go to or click here:
  • Once the page is loaded, enter your username/Email address and Password for your account and click on “Sign in
  • If the information you entered is correct, you will be logged in to your Windows 365 Account.

What is Windows 365

Windows 365 is basically an Office 365 product which is a web based service. It includes Microsoft Word, Excel & Power Point etc. Which you can use at anytime and anywhere you just need to know your account details and you can access your work from anywhere in this world.

While Microsoft 365 basically is a bunch of a lot of services at one place, which includes office 365, Skype for business, One Drive Premium & SharePoint & Yammer  in it. You can only use these products on Microsoft Windows.

Two Steps Verification for Windows 365 Account

Two steps verification or 2 Step Authentication is another layer of security added to your account. Which basically acts as self security.

When you try to login to your windows 365 account it will not login you directly but it will create another session for that period which includes sending a Security code to your mobile phone.

It will not log you in account, until you enter the Verification code sent to your mobile. This basically is the most secure option for your online accounts. To enable two step verification for your Microsoft account follow the steps,

  1. From the dashboard of your Microsoft account, go to Security Settings Page.
  2. Select Privacy, and click on Two Step Authentication.
  3. To enable this authentication process, you need to provide your personal phone number.
  4. It is mandatory to verify your phone number to enable this process.
  5. After verifying your mobile phone number, Click on “Turn on“.
  6. That’s it, Two Step Authentication has been activated for your Microsoft Account.

Recover Your Windows 365 Account Password

The most worst part is when someone forgets their account password. In order to recover your 365 account password, follow the easy steps below.

  • Visit or Click here:
  • Enter your email in the field, it will look up your account and gets the recovery options.
  • There are two options to recover your account, by Phone or by Email Verification.
  • Select your prescribed option and Click “Next“. They will send a recovery link/code to your recovery email or phone number.
  • Click the Link or Enter the code, then Choose a New Password for your Windows 365 Login.

Final Thoughts

In this way you can easily create an account for free. If you need any more help related to this topic please use the contact form to let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

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