How to send attachments in Gmail?

By | April 8, 2019

Google the biggest search Engine on the face of the earth is famous owing to more than one product. You might have been using Google plus, YouTube, Google photos, Google maps, and others on a daily basis.

You did not even notice I just skipped the widely acknowledged Google’s free email service, Gmail. Yes, Gmail is the famed email service what millions of people at this time are using for sending and receiving emails over the Internet.

Sending/receiving messages, sending images/files are the widely used features of Gmail. You see people really getting the right use of them, but some which are just switched to using Gmail gets confused in attaching files in Gmail.

Attaching files and images in Gmail is super easy, you need to follow this guide and have a good day. Attaching files and images is an attribute used while sending an email or saving draft in your Gmail Account.

Attaching images/files in Gmail:

Here is how we are going to learn to attach files in Gmail.
1. Open Gmail in your Chrome or Firefox browser, and click on Compose

2. In the bottom of the opened Gmail window, you need to click on the attach file button. You follow this when you stored your files on the computer. If you have files in Gdrive, you need to click on the “Insert files using Drive”

(Google had not allowed users direct attachment of the file from Gdrive. Before this, we only attach the link of the file and the user had to download it. Now, the new update made us attach separate file not link in any mail from Gdrive)

3. A new window will be open, you need to take this Window to the Drive or folder where you have stored or saved the file.

4. Choose the file or files from here, you can use the “CTRL” button to choose more than one files.

5. All files will be attached in your Gmail. You can view all attached files or images from here. If you want to delete any file, you can delete by using the cross or close button attached at every file.

6. You provide the email address and give this mail a topic, and click on the send button.

Here in Gmail, you are allowed to send images, files, videos, and any file but in a limit. Here you can upload files up to 25MB, you cannot go beyond this.

If you have files bigger than this limit and wanted to send via Gmail, you can follow other ways. Such as you can upload the files in Google Drive, and send the Google drive link to the friend or colleague.

Google allows you to use as much as 15GB online; you can store your data here and can share as per your need and desire. You ought to view your settings, as sometime, you just share the files publicly and anyone could access your personal data along with the person to whom you sent.

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