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By | June 23, 2019

Scottrade login: Scottrade is an online brokerage firm that has been of purpose for over 3 million accounts; it was founded in 1980 and had over 500 branches. Brokerage firms are institutions that help people sell/buy securities to secure their future.

They usually act as a bridge between a buyer and seller and are highly recommended for people who don’t know a lot about financial security or are trying to secure their future. An online brokerage firm deals in all the investments/sales online through online transactions.

What is Scottrade?

Scottrade login is an online brokerage firm, as discussed above, an online brokerage firm deals with all their services online. Most online brokerage firms don’t have any physical offices at all, but there are many that have offices as well.

Scottrade center was one that had physical branches and still dealt with their services online to make it easier for people in the US. Scottrade was one of the very first firms that offered online services when it first launched.

One of the best things about having an online service along with physical banks is that for people who are not fond of banks can easily fill out a physical form and submit it to the nearest branch.

Scottrade login also has excellent customer service; if you open www.scottrade.com, there is an option on the top right corner where you can chat with a customer representative at all times. It’s an excellent way to ensure their users are well-aware of the site and process of signing up/signing in.

Create www.Scottrade.com Account

Creating or signing up for an online brokerage account can seem like a difficult task, but with these easy steps, you’ll be able to do it within a couple of minutes.

To sign up on Scottrade login, you only need to know a few things, the method is very simple and straight forward and doesn’t require much hassle. Some things that you need to set up a Scottrade login account are as follows:

  • Your social security number.
  • Contact information of your current workplace (employer) unless you’re unemployed or retired.
  • Essential details of your bank account that will be the source of funding for the brokerage account that you’re setting up.

To sign up, follow these steps:

  • Open www.scottrade.com on your browser.
  • Click on “Open new account” on the top right of the page.
  • Fill in the required detail in the boxes given, which will include bank account, name, address, and email address).
  • Choose an account type from the following four – Individual brokerage, Joint brokerage, Individual retirement account or set up an account that might not be listed in the list above. Scottrade gives you a tiny description of the brokerage accounts, read them before you choose one.
  • After you choose your account type, answer the multiple-choice questions provided by Scottrade login on how you plan on using your account. It also asks about your net worth (Assets minus liabilities) and about your trades over the past year to keep a timely record of your account.
  • Press ‘Next’ to go to the next window, where you will be asked to select a branch that’s the closest to your location (this will already have options due to the address that you provided before).
  • You will be asked for your employment information next; these include your annual income and a few basic questions relating your work/Select unemployment or retirement in case of unemployment.
  • Press ‘Next’, you will now be asked to review the information you’ve added so far to check for any mistakes. You will be asked to add a few additional information, fill the boxes with relevant answers.
  • Choose or ignore the two additional services that Scottrade will ask you about.
  • Press “Next,” you will now see the terms of agreement page where you will be asked to read and agree to the terms. Once read, click “Yes.”
  • You’ll now be asked to sign up for tax documents being sent to your email, press yes if you want the emails on your account.
  • You will now be asked to sign up, choose a password for your account. Type it in the box given, and then type your bank information in the box next to it.
  • The next page will show your account info which will have your brokerage account number as your username and the password that you chose.
  • You will be asked for a physical signature, click on the “Download PDF” option on the page. Print it and submit it to the closest Scottrade branch.
  • Confirm your account information once a Scottrade representative calls you.
  • You’ve successfully signed up for a Scottrade login account.

Scottrade login Steps

After signing up for Scottrade the Scottrade login becomes extremely easy. Follow these steps to log in to your Scottrade login account:

  • Open www.scottrade.com on your browser.
  • Locate the username and password boxes.
  • Add your Scottrade brokerage account number in the username box.
  • Type the password that you chose for your Scottrade login account at the time of signing up.
  • Click ‘Next’ to view your account profile.
  • A pop up welcome message will be on your window, click on it to explore the features of the site.

Types of Scottrade Login accounts.

Scottrade login has a few types of accounts for the users to choose from; these accounts are as follows:


  • Individual retirement account – this account deals with people who are preparing for their retirement beforehand.
  • Education savings account – this account is used to save for educational purposes or something else for your child. This Scottrade login account is used by people wanting to save for their children.

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