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By | May 1, 2019

SBCGlobal Email Login: The South Western Bell Company is an association of Yahoo & AT&T. It refers to the internet service providers which then merged with Yahoo and AT&T to provide fast service to customers to send/receive mails.

When you try to access you will be redirected to the AT&T sub domain to login to your account because this service was merged with AT&T.

Create SBCGlobal Email Account

  • Go to the official link:, the page will redirect you to the official login page at SBCGlobal. Click on the button that says “Create an account“.
  • Enter the mandatory details in the “Sign up” form, i.e: Your full name, email address, phone number, strong password and other details.
  • Once you fill up all the fields, hit “Create Account” button. An email verification is required.
  • After the verification is complete, you can now use your SBCGlobal account.

SBCGlobal Login Email Process

SBCGlobal Email Login Steps

To login to your account, follow the easy steps below.

  • Follow this link:, or Click here to go the official login page.
  • After the page loads, click on the link that says “Login“.
  • You will land on page where you need to submit your login details, enter your email address and password for the account and hit “Sign in“.
  • If you do these steps correctly with no error, you are logged in to your account.

Easy Fixes for SBCGlobal Account

If you get any kind of technical error while using sbcglobal mail service, here’s a list of things you should do,

  1. Check your internet connectivity, sometimes web page gets loaded and displayed even when your internet is not working.
  2. Check if all incoming and outgoing server settings are correct and working.
  3. Clear up your web cache, if you do a recent settings update cache could be messing up. Try removing your cache and cookies.
  4. Check if your account is logged in anywhere else on any other device, log out your account from other devices and try again.
  5. Check if all server settings and mail protocols like IMAP & POP3 are enabled and working.

SBCGlobal Email Sign in at

SBCGlobal Two Steps Verification

The 2 Steps Verification puts an extra layer of security to your account. If you chose an easy password that can be guessed by anyone or if your account gets into any trouble and someone tries to access your account this feature will add another layer of password while login process.

This process basically creates a One Time Password (OTP) when you try to login to your SBCGlobal account, and send via Email or Phone Number (option which you choose).

When you try to login to your account anywhere in the world, you get a one time password on your email or mobile phone which you need to enter in the verification field after entering your account email and password. This basically is a security step which i must say is a really great one.

How to setup Two Steps Verification on SBCGlobal Account?

After the login process, head over to the settings page and click on “Security Settings“.

In this tab, you have a lot of options “Choose Two Steps Verification” from the list.

Choose your option, Email or Phone number verification.

If you choose email option then you will get a verification code on your registered email.

If you choose phone number verification, a code will be instantly sent to your phone number for verification. Once verified, your two steps authentication with phone is enabled on your account.

This was the most complete guide related to & SBCGlobal email login guide. If you still need any help related to this topic, comment below or leave us a message using the contact form.

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