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By | April 8, 2019

Are you feeling it hard to import contacts in Gmail? Or you want all of your Gmail contacts to be exported so that you could use them at any other platform, or for backup purpose? This is very easy; Google along with other top-mail service providers allows its users to import and exports contacts in various formats.

Gmail makes it easy to maintain the address book of the people to whom you contact. Here you see a long list of contacts, you can export only those contacts what you saved yourself, not Google added.

So, let’s begin with exporting Gmail contacts and after that, will walk through importing contacts in Gmail.

How to export contacts in Gmail?

You can export a copy of Gmail contacts to another Gmail account or other service providers. The formats what Google offers to save contacts is globally encoded; you would not get a single issue in having them imported in any mail service providers.

1. Just click log into your Gmail account
2. Tap on Google Apps an icon near your Gmail picture or name.

3. Here you see all your saved contacts, just select one contact and you see an option above to select all contacts.

4. Now, You see all contacts have been selected, just confirm it.

5. Under the more tab, you will see an export option

6. Now you see two options, one with contacts and other with frequently contacted. The contacts are what you have saved by yourself. The frequently added contacts are what Google added when you replied any email or just indulge in any chat. You can go with any option you desire; the best would be “Contacts”.

7. You see three options here, Google CSV, Outlook CSV, and Vcard. If you are going to import this contact file in outlook, go with the second option. The third option Vcard is widely accepted and followed frame of organizing contacts file.

8. Click on Export
9. You see the file has been downloaded in your computer or mobile phone.

Now, come at importing contacts in Gmail.

• In the same way, Log into your Gmail account
• Click on the application and click on the contact option
• On the left side under the more tab, you will see the Import button
• Click on the import button and a file pop-up in your computer
• You need to explore the file to the destination where you have saved the contacts file in the required formats. Gmail accepts Vcard and CSV formats.
• Here you chose the file to import and click on the open button
• The file will take no time in importing and the contacts will add on your Gmail account.

Gmail is the best way of saving all contacts whom you contact. The Address book system developed by Google helping the users a lot. The time and again we lose our phone and it makes us really hard to contact each person via social media and asking for the contact number.

Gmail has made the simplest solution and we save all contacts on Gmail address book with email addresses, living address and much more.

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