Hermes webmail Its Application and Server Setting

By | February 8, 2019

Hermes webmail enables you to get to your email utilizing an internet browser, making it are open from an Internet-associated framework anyplace on the planet.

A few years back we refreshed Hermes webmail – some more seasoned clients can get to the old adaptation from the sign in page at The two frameworks have inline encourage content.

Why use Hermes webmail?

Different regulatory errands to do with your Hermes account expect you to utilize Webmail, for example: evolving passwords, setting up mail sending, focal spam sifting or excursion messages.

In any case, for perusing and sending letters you can pick between utilizing an email program (for instance Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird) to peruse your mail, or utilizing webmail for everything.


• Can be utilized from any internet browser.
• Used regardless to change passwords, sending or separating mail, or setting up get-away messages.

Starting up Hermes Webmail

• Start up your internet browser and go to

• A login page is shown approaching you for your client identifier and Hermes secret key. Fill these in and select Login.

• You can, on the off chance that you pick, login utilizing your Raven secret phrase. To do this select the Login utilizing Raven
connect to one side of the Username box.

• Once you have signed in you will see the Mail screen, with the messages in your Inbox recorded. Help is accessible by choosing the Help symbol.

Personal email application settings

You have to design your mail program with secure settings, to scramble the association and keep your secret key being snooped while it is being sent over the system.

These settings will likewise give you a chance to utilize Hermes (counting sending letters) from your own gadget when you are working at home (yet not utilizing the VPN benefit) or are far from Cambridge.

Server settings

For reading mail

• We emphatically prescribe that you utilize IMAP. When you utilize IMAP your mail is kept on Hermes. This implies you can get to it from various PCs utilizing IMAP or Hermes webmail, both when you are in Cambridge and when you are away.

Additionally, if your PC is stolen, or has a hard circle disappointment, your email will at present be accessible to you, utilizing another PC.

• The server setting for IMAP ought to be

• POP is accessible, however take note of that POP will, as a matter of course, download your email from Hermes to the PC you are utilizing.

This implies you might have the capacity to get to your messages from that one PC, and Hermes webmail won’t be valuable to you. On the off chance that your PC breaks or is stolen you will lose your messages.

Nonetheless, in the event that you should utilize POP, at that point the server setting ought to be

For sending letters

• The name of the SMTP server ought to be

• You will likewise need to discover settings for SMTP AUTH (validation). Once more, you are probably going to discover the expressions SSL or STARTTLS utilized and should utilize the equivalent of Required, STARTTLS.

In most mail programs you will likewise need to enter your CRSid (e.g. spqr9) in a User ID field. In the event that you have a port setting for SMTP change this from 25 to 587.

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