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Gmail Login: Gmail is Google’s free mail service. Google introduced services in 2004, and initially few accounts were created in 2005 to test the services. It allows users to create a free Google account and send or receive thousands of mail on the internet.

It is a unique service; it provides the user’s Gigabytes of storage to store personal data and the users would not be worry about not getting emails due to low storage space. You had been witnessing the same issue in old cell phones, where you do not get messages due to exceeding available storage.

Let’s learn how one can create a gmail account and use it like a pro.

Gmail Sign up

Creating a gmail account is very easy. Google allows its users to create an unlimited user account with a different name and get more storage space for messages or personal data.

Nowadays, Google photos and Google cloud have made you store as much personal data as you want without storage issue.

Get your personal data sync to your phones and other devices, and access all just by signing into the account.

Gmail Sign up

1) Just visit the create Google account:

2) Provide the first name, last name and the user name.

(The user name should be unique and it sometimes takes time to actually find unique user name. Every user name will be followed with the; you have no need to actually put this. Gmail itself will set up this at the end of the user’s name)

New Gmail Account

3) Put the password and confirm it (Always user special letters in your password. It makes the password strong and difficult to crack for hackers and crackers). Google has introduced two-factor authentication to make it hard to access your Google account. User this method to tighten your security, in this case, no one would be able to access your data without possessing your phone physically. And tap on the next button.

4) Put your mobile phone number, select your country first.

5) It will be helpful to put recover email address. (You can use your other Gmail or other emails account here. This helps you to recover your account in case you forget the password).

6) Provide the date of birth, gender and tap on the next button.

7) Here you see privacy and terms, read this all or just tap on I agree on button. Once you tap on this option, you are done. You have created your Gmail account successfully. If you do not tap on the “I agree” option, you will not be able to continue creating account.

gmail sign up steps

8) From here, you got access to your Gmail account. You can personalize your profile, and set up all information as per your preference.

Gmail Login Steps

We suppose you want to access your Google account using Windows’ web browser. There are various other ways to access an account using a Gmail application on your phone or tablet.

Gmail login

  • On a computer, go to
  • Enter your Google account or phone number with password.
  • In case if the info is not already filled, you need to fill the info, such as your phone number or email address.
  • If you want to “Gmail Login” using another account, tap on the corner of the already signed in the account you get the option to use another account.
  • Provide your account with a password and you are all set to access your Gmail account.

What do you get by Signing up for Gmail?

Google always sense the upcoming trends and try to remain in top-trends. Either it is Google’s car service, artificial intelligence or Google’s Android.

All are top products and swept the others from the roots except Google’s social networking platform which has been taken off.

This time as well, Google introduced Gmail application to access direct emails on mobile phone or Windows.

You can have the application to deal with the mails. You can send/receive emails using your phone or desktop separate application or Windows’ browser.

Google has introduced separate apps for Google photos, which deals with images only.

What is Gmail?

Initially, Google was taken as a joke. No one took this service seriously, as, at that time; Yahoo was the sole king of mail services. Now, as per the latest reports about 900 million users find Gmail the securest and safest email service providers with dozens of impeccable features.

The biggest advantage of is Google. The biggest search engine on the face of earth instantly searches the person’s name and the mails.

You get an aesthetic design interface with gigabytes of storage helping your sending and receiving emails swiftly.

Initially, Google’s mail service allowed users to have a limited number of people around to send and receive emails. You were only allowed to have a few hundred people to whom you were capable to send emails.

This created the impression of elite mail service providers, and people started tilting towards this service.

The deal breakers were lots of free storage, swift services, sober interface, and auto-spam detection. While the counterparts such as Yahoo, Hotmail were clunky user interfaced with limited storage.

The auto-spam detection capabilities have made this service stands out in the massive crowd.

Another impressive trait of Google’s mail services is, it allows the users to become inactive for up to 9 months. You will face no blocking or deleting of the account for up to 9 months, other services only assure you for 30 days.

If you do not log in your gmail account within 30 days of time span, they delete the account from their servers.

Gmail Key Features

Now, people questions, why Gmail is that popular? How does it swept other services from the roots and become the sole king of mail services world? There are reasons, and there will always be the reason for an application or service for sky-rocketing popularity.

These are some key features, which made Gmail the top email service providers on the planet.


I have seen people claiming, Gmail does not show ads on its application or interface, which is totally wrong.

Google does show ads on the application or when you access them using web browsers. They show the top filtered and computer matched keywords within the mail.

The Gmail does not show your ads on messages or halt your ways to read mail or outgoing emails. The ads are computer generated but designed by Google team and they take care very much of the users.

Auto-detect spams

Yes, the spam auto detecting is not new stuff; we have been using and witnessing this for two decades. But, Gmail has innovated this feature and come up with something new and effective.

Gmail attempts to filter advertising spam, it detects them itself and sends them into the spam folder. It also detects the virus, spams, phishing attempts, but not 100%.

You get gigabytes space

This was the most obvious reason and a hallmark of Gmail. This email service provider offers you an ample amount of space to store a hell of the data.

Here you would not delete messages, or old items to free up space to store new.

As the time of the writing, the sum up for the Gmail total space is around 15 GB. This amount of space is totally unbelievable, and you store images, music and videos to access anywhere in the world.

Email searching

Suppose you want to see some important emails and have forgotten the email address. But, you have an idea of keywords or services about that email.

You get that keyword research on the top of the Gmail and see all emails containing those words.

Google automatically skip the keywords from the trash folder and you get the most relevant results.

Offline Gmail access

Yes, you can access your account even when you are not connected to the internet.

You need to install the gmail offline chrome extension.

You will receive a message on your account about the access when you connect to the internet again.


Gmail owns a special team to keep close eyes on the latest trends and make changes accordingly. This is listed with the labs and you can access to the lab advance features which are not yet to available for the public.

See what features suit your need and get them onboard.

This is the most effective and complete gmail login guide. If you still get in to trouble with, feel free to contact us or comment below!

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