How to add multiple accounts at once in Gmail?

By | April 8, 2019

Gmail is the fastest free email service provider platform over the internet. The platform has recently crossed one billion active users in one-month milestone and still sky-rocketing.

Are you the one who is switching from one Gmail account to the other? I have seen many novices getting this issue and finding it hard and annoying to switch from personal account to Gmail and vice versa.

Folks, Gmail have allowed us to add as many as ten Gmail accounts and switch to any of them without signing out the default account.

Yes, you can add ten Gmail accounts under the default Gmail account and easily switch between. Do you want to know how to get this done?

Add multiple Gmail accounts at once:

You need to know Gmail has offered us many more advances features most of them we do know. This feature really makes this service provider stands out in the massive crowd; let’s see how to get this accomplished.

1. Navigate to your Google Homepage or Gmail account

(If you are already signed in to your accounts skip this, otherwise sing into the account and provide the all needed details to log in. Once you are signed into the first Gmail account, you add the other additional accounts.)

2. Click on the picture or name of you on the Gmail account.

3. Now, you will be taken to a new Windows where you will be asked to provide the new Gmail accounts details, such as Email or phone and password.

4. Provide the password and you see the next account has been added under the first account.

5. 5. Following the same pattern, you can add as many as ten accounts the default account remain the same.

6. Now, when you need some other products or application of Google such as Google photos, Calendar and much more, how Gmail will react?

You try this and check, Gmail will offer you the product with respect to the default Gmail account. The calendar will be opened for the default Gmail account not according to the new added Gmail account.

If you want to see the products with respect to a newly added account, click on the added account and then from the apps tab you need to click on the product. Now, the product will be opened for the newly added account.

You follow the same pattern to log out or sign out the Google account.
To get this you need to click on the picture of the Gmail account what you want to sign out.
One by one you can sign out all new added Gmail accounts and default will remain the same.

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